Air Conditioning

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Keeping cool in the summer and warm in winter should be one of your priorities, because its good for you mentally and physically.

Our professional will work to supply and install something that will suit your office and home and your family.

We understand that each property or building is different, that’s why our air-con solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in a high standard of workmanship, using the best quality air-conditioning available

We are experienced to install, service and repair a wide range of Air-conditioning.

We also install the new technology Inverter air conditioners.

The benefits of an inverter air conditioning compared with a non inverter air conditioning:-

At least 30% – 50% cheaper to run as it consumes less power

Far quicker to achieve desired temperature

The start-up time is reduced by 30%

Much quieter

No temperature fluctuations, maximising comfort level

No voltage peaks from compressor

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