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We do all kinds of inverter & solar systems. 

Off the grid or back-up power!

We can design & built any size plant

New energy in South Africa

With the arrival of Eskom’s hiking of electricity prices and unreliable energy supply, we as South Africans have been forced to

change the way we view our energy management.

With a high increase in electricity every year the options are changing rapidly and most people are looking toward a solar solution.

Each home or business will have its own requirements and individual assessment. Put in an enquiry and let us do an energy audit to

calculate your energy requirement.

Installing solar in your home, business or farm is fast becoming the best financial decision you will ever make.


An inverter allows you to enjoy no more power outages that leave you in the dark.  An inverter saves power into a battery bank and when needed, converts the power from your battery (DC power) into alternating current (AC power) that is used by your lighting & appliances

Solar panels

A solar panel “absorbs” power from the sun and the great news is, it’s free. Once you have a solar capturing bank you can eliminate the need for Eskom and start capturing your own energy.

Battery bank

Selecting the right size battery bank for your solar power or back-up system is an important decision. Each system has several battery options and everything is sized proportionally, so the solar panels, inverter and battery all work optimally together


Solar panels are luckily one of the few things that don’t need to be maintained on a regular basis. They don’t have any moving parts so you don’t have to worry about pieces breaking. The only thing is that your solar panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis from dust & debris. This debris can cause your solar panels to not work as it should. When you clean your solar panels take utmost care not to accidently crack your solar panel, and to be alert when you have to access the roof with your ladder.

The best & easiest way to clean your solar panels is to take a garden hose and just spray them off. If you see your solar panels need a bit more than just a spray, you can wash it with a sponge or broom to remove more stubborn dirt. Just remember to clean your solar panels either early morning or late afternoon. Never spray your solar panels off with cold water during the day because the cold water on the hot solar surface may crack the panels, and then you will need to replace it.

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